Developer Requesting Change from Rural to High Density

We have just become aware of a proposed annexation and zoning change for a 190-acre set of parcels on Mt. Moriah Road between the circle on Erwin and New Hope Commons. (See map at end). This land has some of the same natural area characteristics as Arrowhead. It has critical riparian buffers in the New Hope Creek Watershed.

The portion in Orange County is currently in the Chapel Hill Rural Transition zoning, which helps maintain the rural atmosphere. The Durham part of the development is currently Residential-Suburban-20 (Durham) The developer is asking to change both Durham and Orange County Parcels to Planned Development Residential 5.500, which allows for much more density. A change like this so close by could impact Arrowhead’s status.

The developer had a neighborhood meeting on November 16, 2023. Here is the developer's invitation. A summary of the meeting is here.


Because the development is mostly in Orange County and it is zoned as Chapel Hill Extra Territorial Jurisdiction, the Town of Chapel Hill must approve the annexation. Annexations of Chapel Hill and Durham are subject to a consent decree in 1986 and a modified consent decree in 1994 . In April, Chapel Hill approved the annexation of the area that is proposed for development. In October, the City of Durham suspended its rules during a work session and approved the agreement with Chapel Hill. The steps to complete the annexation are here.

Affordable Housing:

The affordable housing goals have been reduced from 75 to 80 (as stated to the city) to hopefully 50 (as stated in the neighborhood meeting).


Developer's Map


Context (google map)

Critical Reparian Buffers

The development includes critical riparian buffers (shown in yellow):

Current Zoning

Chapel Hill Zoning. The zoning in the area bounded by I40, Erwin, and Mt. Moriah is controlled by Chapel Hill, not Orange County. It is an Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction.

Aerial Images


Note the large conservation area is north and adjacent to the proposed development.

NCNHP Biodiversity

It appears that the line light green between Mt. Moriah and Erwin is above the proposed development.


Developments in Area


Flood Zones (stripe is flooway)

Place Type Map (from Comprehensive Plan) light brown is apartment/townhouse, dark brown is mixed use residential

Old Developer's Map

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