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      Developer Requesting Change from Rural to High Density

This site provides information about CARE for Durham (Conserve Arrowhead's Rural Environment for Durham). This is a group of residents who want to see the area preserved as a rural area for the benefit of all Durham residents. CARE for Durham advocates for public policies, regulations and protection goals that promote the natural environment of New Hope creek watershed.

Background: Durham adopted a new Comprehensive Plan. During the drafting of the plan, a request had been made to include a substantial portion of Arrowhead within the Urban Growth Boundary as a Mixed Use Neighborhood (MUN). This would have allowed for Rezoning and Annexation into the City with very dense residential and commercial use. More information about how this request/proposal was in conflict with the goals and policies of the Comprehensive plan can be found on the Details page.

Current Status of Requested Change The requested change has been removed from the Comprehensive Plan. One landowner of 82 acres made a request at the August 31st Joint City/County Public Hearing for just his land to be inside the UGB. It's unclear how the City will react to this request. The Plan will be revisited every two years for changes

The Requested Change (not in the current plan):

Here are examples of Mixed Use Neighborhoods (MUN):

Here are the map changes. The key is below.

Here is the current map in context


Here is the map as approved in August, 2023

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